Long-Term Concrete Heat Storage

Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement (CSA) based concrete.

Concrete Heating (PDF english) [289 KB]
(Empa Switzerland)
A unique experiment is currently underway in Seelisberg: a construction physicist from Lucerne had Empa researchers install six cubic meters of special concrete in the garage of his vacation home.
The concrete stores heat during the summer and releases it in the winter as and when needed, which enables the house to be heated for weeks – sustainably and ecologically....

Long term concrete heat storage (PDF english) [2'943 KB]
(Empa Switzerland)
This invention proposes a new heat storage material based on calcium sulfoaluminate cement (CSA) providing a high amount of ettringite. In a fully reversible process – loading by dehydration and recovering by water addition – this innovative cementitious material allows long-term, loss-free heat storage.
Relatively high storage energy density at a low transition temperature is reached, permitting a costeffective application in seasonal solar heat storage systems....

Youtube Video (Empa Switzerland)

Video Swiss TV SRF (Swiss-German)

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Seasonal and daily heat storage
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